The experience of suburbia has countless local variations but also a profound common core based in similar problematic:  The loss of a meaningful social and cultural sense. The essence of this common experience is vanishing since the dispersed and loose communities do not allow for the knowledge to travel and be shared.

Our proposal is a periodical fair travelling around the six suburban localities during the summer months. It aims at stimulating the community life offering opportunities of learning and socializing while collecting and sharing suburban stories and experiences.

The fair stays at each locality for a period of one week. It is temporal, attractive, social, mobile and entertaining. Its form is inspired by vernacular central-European architectural idioms that are shared by all six tackled suburban localities.

The fair is focused on the activities of food and films. Those activities are typically associated with entertainment and can be engaging for every age but in suburbia are mostly performed in isolation inside each house. In the fair compound film and food are simultaneously produced and enjoyed by the community.

The fair starts and closes with movie festivals performed in the cinema pavilion. The program of the opening night is centred on selected movies and documentaries relating to suburbia while the closing night is dedicated to films created by local inhabitants during a video workshop. This workshop is designed for participants without prior filming -editing knowledge and focuses on creating short video narratives, depicting personal experiences of living in suburbia.  At the same time another pavilion serves as a space of a culinary workshop. This is enhancing communication, creativity and knowledge around food recipes and habits, allowing participants of different ethnical, cultural and educational backgrounds to come together. A culinary feast will be marking the last day of the workshops.

At the end of its tour the fair compound can be reassembled in an exhibition that showcases the suburban experience through the collected individual tales.

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